Americana Music

The Radials:



TWANG. TORCH. TONK. The Radials have a flair for melody and a knack for great stories. Put those elements together with a cacophony of upstate California jangle, swampy cajun spice and downtown Nashville honky-tonk, and you have a unique blend of Americana roots music with a modern twist. The Byrds, Loretta, Replacements, Beatles, Neil, Willie and Cash cast a shadow on the instruments of the Radials, but it is the unique blend of these five musicians that lift the crowd to their feet to move to the music.

Bluegrass Band:


Shortly Thereafter
Pat Short and Jim Boren have been playing music off and on since they were 20 years old. After they each began passing their musical interests on to their children and the Short girls took a few lessons, the Saturday night jams started at the Short family’s home. These jams include friends, neighbors, Jim, and Pat’s brother-in-law Gerald Crouse. Shortly thereafter, Pat, his daughters Nikki and Maggie, their Uncle Gerald, and Pat’s life long friend Jim started playing in churches, at bluegrass festivals, fundraisers, and wherever anyone would listen. The newly formed band needed a name, so in 2015 Uncle Gerald’s suggestion Shortly Thereafter was chosen. As the girls have gotten older the band isn’t able to get together as much as they would like to, but they are thankful for every opportunity to enjoy and share the talents God has given them.

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